Good aligned gods (the 9)
The 9 are often worshiped as a whole with people paying particular homage to whatever specific deity they need help from. priests either work in a church or are called wanderers.

Father of the gods representing the divine power of majesty and chivalry worshiped by leaders and those seeking greatness

Mother of the Gods Represents healing and care goddess of compassion and love worshiped by healers and mothers. Represents the divine power of love.

God of Hunters, animals and the cycle of death and rebirth he is the god of the woods and of those who pursue just purposes represents the divine power of persistence

God of courage and Honor he is the god of warriors and knights. The god of the just war. He represents the divine power of Unity

The god of Roads, tricksters knaves, bards and luck. he represents Inspiration and of those who entertain and inspire others

the mentor goddess representing the divine power of discipline she rewards those who learn through hard work and temperance

Representing the divine power of creation he is the god of smiths builders and all those who make things

Goddess of the sea and all that exist on and under them she is the goddess of sailors and fisherman and storms. representing the divine power of change

God of the stone and earth representing the divine power of work, he also is the god of miners and rare metals

Neutral aligned gods (the 6)

God of knowledge and represents the creative spirit. He is the god of knowledge. favors libraries, academies and other places of learning

God of Magic he had no divine presence but he has a shrine in every school of magic he wholly exists to further arcane power

God of thieves burglars prostitutes and all those who work in the night. Shade is the protector of those who ply their trade in the darkness

God of creation and alchemy he patrons all those who make things and inventor Sirion is often worshiped in alchemists homes

The god of nature. Zivilyn is the mercurial god of the woods representing the bounty that nature brings and the ferocity of its fauna and its elements

Goddess of messengers and tradesman and commerce supports any viable revenue stream but not theft


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